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Cintusmus the Copper-smith inscription detail. Image Credit Colchester Museums

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2024 RFG Spring Meeting

New Research at the University of Reading on Roman Finds and New Finds from the Region
Save the date for the next RFG conference, to be held on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th March 2024. Tickets: scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase the tickets This year’s spring Conference is being held in association with the University of Reading,...

Ticket: £5 - £52

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University of Reading, Archaeology Department

Archaeology (Building 74), Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Past events


Jul 2023

30 years of Roman Military Equipment

Zoom in on Finds A RFG Member only seminar (18.00 – 19.15). Past, Present and Future of Roman Military Equipment Mike Bishop and John Coulston After producing a small, 76-page booklet on the subject of Roman military equipment in 1989, we expanded this into a…


Apr 2023

2023 RFG Spring Meeting

Archaeology Conference The RFG spring 2023 meeting was being held in association with the University of Nottingham and its Museum. There were five sessions of papers with twenty one illustrated talks, on various aspects of finds from recent work in the Roman Midlands and beyond….


Apr 2023

East is East? Roman Finds from Slovenia

Zoom in on Finds A RFG Member only seminar (18.00 – 19.15). Lanam fecit without tombstones? Expression of status through wool-working items in graves Dr Kaja Stemberger Flegar This paper aims to address the finds of textile working items in supposed female graves from Roman…


Oct 2022

2022 RFG Autumn Meeting

Archaeology Conference The 2022 Autumn Meeting was be held online on the zoom platform. 20 papers and four ‘gallery tours’ . Conference Programme Day One: Friday 7th October 2022 Session One Chair and Welcome: Frances McIntosh (English Heritage/RFG) 09.00     Dr David Petts (University of…


Aug 2022

New Perspectives on ‘Military’ Finds

A RFG Member only evening seminar: Two talks from RFG Members looking at Armillae and late Roman strap-ends

Zoom in on Roman Finds A RFG Member only evening seminar Edwin Wood, University College, London: Disarming Armillae Armilla were awarded to Roman soldiers for displays of valour on the battlefield. In 2005, Crummy postulated that a particular form of wide cuff bracelet may have…


May 2022

2022 RFG Spring Meeting

Archaeology Conference The 2022 RFG Spring Meeting was held at Carlisle, in association with Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery and supported by Carlisle City Council. The title was New Research on Finds from Roman Carlisle and the West of Hadrian’s Wall. Delegates were able…


Jan 2022

Presentations from Scotland. A pre Burns night seminar

Zoom in on Finds A RFG Member only seminar (18.00 – 19.15). Re-examining the Rubers Law hoard Fraser Hunter, National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh In 1863 a hoard of bronze vessels and other items was found on the slopes of the hillfort of Rubers Law,…


Dec 2021

A Christmas Miscellany

Zoom in on Finds This is the first joint seminar held between Roman Finds Group and Finds Research Group – just for a bit of fun before Christmas. Tuesday December 14th, 18.00 – 19.15. Short fire papers of no more than five minutes on the…