Here you will find a selection of the presentations that were made to the Roman Finds Group 2020 Conference.

The Roman Finds Group 2020 Conference in association with the University of Glasgow and Historic Environment Scotland.

Day One: Friday 16th October 2020

Session One: Roman Scotland

Dr Louisa Campbell, University of Glasgow: Paints and Pigments in the Past: The Antonine Wall Distance Stones (PRE RECORDED)
Dr Fraser Hunter, National Museum of Scotland: Surprises in the stores: exotic stone vessels from the Antonine Wall zone (LIVE)
Professor David Breeze: The distribution of pottery and small finds at Bearsden. (LIVE)
Keynote lecture: Professor Rebecca Jones, Head of Archaeology and World Heritage for Historic Environment Scotland: Roman Scotland and the Antonine Wall (PRE RECORDED)

Session Two: Roman Scotland and the North

Douglas Carr, University of Newcastle: Roman coins from Hadrian’s Wall and the Northern Frontier (PRE RECORDED)

Day Two: Saturday 17th October 2020

Session Three: Vindolanda and the North

Dr Anneke Hackenbroich, Vindolanda Trust: Vindolanda’s wooden collection – 3D imaging and digitisation (PRE RECORDED)
Tim Penn, University of Edinburgh: Gaming boards, military communities and the transmissions of ideas: the view from Hadrian’s Wall (LIVE)
Barbara Birley, Vindolanda Trust: Stories from the Frontier, using digital gameplay to engage children at Vindolanda (LIVE)
Marta Alberti: Vindolanda Trust Spinning on the Frontier: the making, use and discard of female identities at Vindolanda and Corbridge (LIVE)
Rhys Williams, Teesside University: Digitising Vindolanda: From Excavation to Museum (PRE RECORDED)
Barbara Birley, Vindolanda Trust: Recent finds from Vindolanda (LIVE)