The Committee

Chair: Barbara Birley 

Treasurer: Jörn Schuster 

Minutes Secretary: Gill Dunn 

Membership Secretary: Philippa Walton 

Communications Secretaries and Website Managers: Ben Paites and Edwin Wood 

Meetings Coordinators: Denise Allen and Katie Mountain 

Zoom Seminars Coordinator: Philip Smither 

Lucerna Editor: Frances McIntosh 

Datasheet Editor: Jenny Hall 

Committee Members:

Louisa Campbell 

Fraser Hunter 

Stephen Wadeson 

Sally Worrell

Committee icon

According to RFG Constitution: The ‘Officers’ of the Committee shall consist of: Chairman, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Communications Secretary, Meetings Co-ordinator, Editor and Datasheet co-ordinator, plus up to three other members who should include a national museums and a university representative (if these are not already covered by officer appointments).

In addition the committee may co-opt up to two further members, who may then be elected. The committee may nominate a vice-chair from amongst their number.