An aspect of the Roman Rural Settlement Project has been to review current commercial approaches to the investigation, analysis and dissemination of work on rural settlements and landscapes in Britain. Members of the project team and others have produced a series of short papers concerning various aspects of methodological approaches which cover a variety of topics, including one on finds, which can now be viewed and downloaded at We are keen to get responses to the papers, and have provided an opportunity for written comments on the papers to be submitted by email.

There will be a day meeting at the Palmer Building, Whiteknights, University of Reading on Wednesday 14 September. At that meeting we would like to get reactions to what the team has written from senior figures in the various different professional constituencies that either generate data, or have an interest in what is produced by the commercial sector. However, we have also provided plenty of space in the programme for comment and discussion from all present, so we hope it will be a dynamic event where many different views can be aired and debated.

If you would like to attend the meeting please reserve your place by emailing a booking form (available at the web page) to Vicki Forder at Cotswold Archaeology on or phone: 01908 564660 by Monday 15 August.

Places are limited so as to encourage discussion and we are keen to attract a broad cross section of the profession (curators, contractors, consultants and academics). Early booking is advised: in the event of oversubscription we cannot guarantee attendance.

Tom Brindle