The spring RFG Conference is taking place at the University of Nottingham. 21st/22nd April 2023.

This will be a live event, although papers will also be streamed on the internet. The meeting will follow our now well established format of five sessions, up to 20 papers. Poster and object displays.  There will also be a conference meal and local accommodation. It has the title of Recent Research on Finds from the Roman Midlands but there will also be an opportunity for people to present from other areas of Roman Britain.  Papers may be presented in person or pre-recorded.

Our normal paper length is 20 minutes with five minutes for questions, but papers of any length can be considered. If you feel you would like to make a contribution please contact one of the meeting organisers Denise Allen (, Stephen Greep ( or Katie Mountain (, no later than the end of January.

RFG Autumn Conference  16th October 2021 – Roman Finds from Infrastructure Projects: Rail, Roads and Sewers.