Project title:  Tools in Roman London: industry, household practice and ritual deposition across the ancient city

Department/School:  Archaeology

Supervisors:  Dr Hella Eckardt (School of Archaeology, Geography & Environmental Science) & Caroline McDonald (Museum of London)

Project Overview:

Tools represent an important aspect of archaeological assemblages but in the past they have often been neglected. W. Manning produced catalogues of iron tools in the British Museum and Newcastle Museum (1976, 1985) but the nature of these collections prevented detailed contextual and spatial analysis. The Museum of London houses a large, but currently under-researched collection and for many objects some contextual information is available (T =1002). For example, there are 62 awls, which can be related to the location and scale of leather working in Roman London. An initial scoping exercise has been carried out, highlighting the range and number of Roman tools, and identifying their location in the museum stores. The thesis will not only provide an insight into agricultural, industrial, domestic and ritual activity within London but also a critical catalogue of an important but neglected artefact category, which will be of use to Roman specialists across the world. Finally, as part of their placement at the Museum of London, the student will consider how Roman tools illuminate daily life in Roman London and how this information could inform future displays and ways of developing innovative public engagement with this material. 


  • Applicants should hold a minimum of a UK Honours Degree at 2:1 level or equivalent in either Archaeology or Archaeological Science and a Masters degree in either Roman Archaeology, Archaeology or Archaeological Science
  • Due to restrictions on funding this studentship is only open to candidates from the UK/EU. 

Funding Details:

  • Three  year award starting October 2014
  • Stipend at Research Council minimum (£13,863 in 2014-15)  + £550 p.a.  CDA maintenance payment 

How to apply:

To apply for this studentship please submit an application for a PhD in Archaeology at:  Please also provide a 500 word proposal on how you envisage approaching this research project. 

Application Deadline:    25th April 2014.  Please note that it is proposed to interview shortlisted applicants on 9th May 2014 

Further Enquiries:  For further details please contact Hella Eckardt on: 

Please note that, where a candidate is successful in being awarded funding, this will be confirmed via a formal studentship award letter; this will be provided separately from any Offer of Admission and will be subject to standard checks for eligibility and other criteria.