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Date: 5 April , 2023

Time: 18:00 - 19:30

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Roman Finds Group
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1st century AD dog-headed relief cavalry harness fitting, found in Lincoln. Image copyright Christopher Carswell, Allen Archaeology.

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A RFG Member only seminar (18.00 – 19.15).

Lanam fecit without tombstones? Expression of status through wool-working items in graves
Dr Kaja Stemberger Flegar

This paper aims to address the finds of textile working items in supposed female graves from Roman period found on the territory of the modern day Slovenia. While the graves with such items represent only a fraction of all Roman graves of Slovenia my aim is to present which textile working items were chosen as grave goods. I argue that graves with distaffs convey a similar message as the lanam fecit tombstone inscriptions, and furthermore that such grave arrays are more likely an expression of social status rather than professional occupation.

Military small finds from Castra Ad Fluvium Frigidum (Slovenia)
Ana Kovačič: University of Primorska

This paper aims to present the newest military small finds from Castra, the northernmost fortress of the Claustra Alpium Iuliarum fortification system that shielded Italy from threats coming from the East. In this paper, we will present military metal finds from the recent 2017–2019 excavations inside the, including pieces of military dress such as silver trumpet brooches, propeller belt fittings and belt buckles, as well as several pieces of horse gear including one hackamore. The excavations also uncovered a bathhouse, several storehouses, and a central complex previously unearthed which could be interpreted as the praetoria.

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