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Event start: 16 April , 2021

Event end: 17 April , 2021

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1st century AD dog-headed relief cavalry harness fitting, found in Lincoln. Image copyright Christopher Carswell, Allen Archaeology.

Archaeology Conference

The 2021 Spring Roman Finds Group Conference held in association with the University of Exeter is entitled New Research on Finds from the Roman South-West. It is an open access (free) online conference on the zoom platform with six sessions and 23 illustrated talks. With particular thanks to the University of Exeter for the provision of the zoom facility.

New Research on Finds from the Roman South-West

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You can register below for post conference Information as we will be putting as many of the talks as we can online. This will also act as a waiting list should any tickets become available.

The 2021 Spring Roman Finds Group Conference held in association with the University of Exeter is entitled New Research on Finds from the Roman South-West.  Given the current uncertain situation we have decided to plan this meeting to be held online (on the zoom platform), from the start before returning to more normal meetings during the Autumn. It will be open access on the zoom platform and consists of twenty-three illustrated papers presented in blended content (some pre-recorded and some live) on Friday 16th April and Saturday 17th April 2021. A short RFG AGM will be held for RFG members at the end of the morning session on the Friday. With particular thanks to the University of Exeter who have provided the zoom facility and a.v. support. The Conference organisers are Dr Denise Allen and Dr Stephen Greep of RFG and Dr Ioana Oltean, Professor Martin Pitts, Henry Bishop-Wright and Felix Sadebeck of the University of Exeter.

How’s it all going to work?

To join the conference please just book a ticket (below). You will receive an acknowledgement, but not the conference link. The zoom link will be sent out to everyone who has booked closer to the event.

The conference is split into six sessions, with papers between ten and twenty minutes with a thirty minute ‘coffee break’ in the middle of each session. Some papers are going to be pre-recorded some are going to be live. You may ask questions of the presenter (live papers) by using the zoom chat function. The Chair of each session will note these and summarise at the end of the presentation. Some presenters of pre-recorded papers will also be available to answer questions at the end of their papers. A final programme and full guidance on how the meeting is going to work will be sent to all participants closer to the date of the conference

You can dip in and out of sessions as often as you like, but the responsibility for joining and leaving will be yours. Due to the nature of the conference advertised timings will be approximate. Following the conference, we hope to make as many of the papers available on our web site as we can (and copyright permits). Whether you join to listen to one paper, just one session or the whole thing there are no costs to you.

New to zoom?

You can try out zoom here – https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115002262083. But don’t worry, if you are still unsure, there will be a ‘mock’ event to give you a go on Wednesday 14th April at 17.00. If you want to try this just book the session on the booking form and you will be sent the link to the session closer to the date. This should only last 15 minutes or so.

Stephen Greep (sjgreep@romanfinds.org) on behalf of the organising committee

Conference Programme

(please note due to the nature of the conference timings are approximate and liable to change – a final programme will be sent to all participants closer to the Conference)

Day One: Friday 16th April 2021
Session One:  Research at The University of Exeter

Chair and Welcome Dr Ioana Oltean, University of Exeter

09.30         Professor Martin Pitts, University of Exeter:  Roman Archaeology at the University of Exeter (Pre-recorded).

09.45         Keynote lecture: Professor Val Maxfield, University of Exeter: Discovering Roman Exeter, the Military Dimension (live).

10.20         Professor Stephen Rippon, University of Exeter: Dumnonian identity and life on the edge of the Roman Empire (Pre-Recorded).

10.45         Felix Sadebeck, University of Exeter: Roman Cattle in the south-west and what they tell us. (Pre-recorded)

11.05      Coffee Break

Session Two:  Research at The University of Exeter

Chair: Henry Bishop-Wright, University of Exeter

11.35          Lindsay Banfield, Universities of Reading and Exeter, AHRC SWW DTP:  Making flour the German way: Imported lava querns and millstones in rural Roman Britain (Live)

12.00         Laura Burnett, University of Exeter:  Articulating a new form of hinged bracelet from South and West Britain (Pre-recorded).

12.20         Henrietta Quinnell, University of Exeter: Stone bowls, mortars and weights – a distinctive Cornish tradition (Live)

12.45      Session end and Lunch

12.45         RFG AGM (around 15 minutes RFG members only) Chairman Dr Stephen Greep

Session Three:  Roman Exeter

Chair        Frances McIntosh, Roman Finds Group

13.45         Professor Martin Pitts, University of Exeter: Three early Roman graves from Exeter reconsidered: moving objects and people in the early Roman West. (Pre-recorded)

14.10         Dr Naomi Payne, AC archaeology:  Roman finds from Recent Excavations in Exeter. (Live)

14.35         Dr Denise Allen, Independent Researcher: Some Interesting New Glass finds from Excavations in Exeter and the South-west. (Live)

14.50         Jenny Durrant, University of Leicester/Formerly Royal Albert Memorial Museum: The value of rubble – revisiting Exeter’s Roman tiles. (pre-recorded)

15.10         Dr John Salvatore, formerly Exeter Archaeology:  The Lost Venus of Exeter – an ongoing Mystery. (Live)

15.25 Coffee Break

Session Four: Finds from the South-West

Chair:       Barbara Birley, Roman Finds Group

15.55       Grace Jones, Wessex Archaeology: Roman Finds from Sherford New Community, Devon. (Pre recorded)

16.10       Dr John Pearce, Kings College London: The Burrington Capricorn: Astrology and Augustus in Roman Somerset. (Pre-recorded)

16.25       Dr Jörn Schuster, ARCHÆOLOGICALsmallFINDS and RFG: Roman veterans in Bath, or who was left behind when the legion moved on. (Pre-recorded)

16.50       Richard Henry, University of Reading: Fractured Britannia: Britain and Rome under Count Theodosius and the House of Valentinian. Late Roman material culture in the south west, an initial perspective. (Pre-recorded)

17.15            Session End

Day Two: Saturday 17th April 2021
Session Five:  Finds from the South-West: Contributions from the Portable Antiquities Scheme

Chair: Nicola Hembrey, Roman Finds Group

09.45   Dr Sam Moorhead and Dr Andrew Brown, British Museum:  How the Portable Antiquities Scheme has changed our knowledge of Roman Coin use in the South-West. (live)

10.10   Dr Lucy Shipley, Finds Liaison Officer (Devon), Portable Antiquities Scheme: Recent PAS Finds from Devon. (Live)

10.35   Dr Maria Kneafsey, Finds Liaison Officer (Somerset), Portable Antiquities Scheme: Recent PAS Finds from Somerset.  (Live)

11.00 Coffee Break

Session Six:  Finds from the South-West

Chair: Dr Denise Allen, Roman Finds Group

11.30   Ed McSloy, Cotswold Archaeology: A Roman Smithy at Somerton, Somerset and Associated Finds. (Pre-recorded).

11.50   Dr Justine Bayley, Historical Metallurgy Society: Crucibles, moulds and more: Roman metalworking finds from the South-West. (Live)

12.15   Dr Sian Thomas, Archaeology Wales Ltd.: On the Edge of Empire: Objects and identity in the Roman South-West. (Live)


Dr Stephen Greep, Chairman RFG

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