Roman Antiquities Section, Yorkshire Archaeological Society

The following Roman-period Yorkshire Archaeological Reports are now available at greatly reduced prices:

YAR 2 Excavations on the Roman villa at Beadlam by D S Neal (1966), pp 137 + x, 1 colour and 60 b&w illustrations
Published price £15 DISCOUNTED PRICE £8 (+ p&p)

 YAR 3 The 1968 to 1970 Excavations in the vicus at Malton, North Yorkshire by L P Wenham and B Heywood (1997), pp 170 +viii, 60 b&w illustrations
Published Price £19 DISCOUNTED PRICE £10 (+ p&p)

YAR 4 Rural Settlement and Industry: Studies in the Iron Age and Roman Archaeology of Lowland East Yorkshire  eds P Halkon and M Millett (1999), pp 245 + xii, 121 b&w illustrations. Very limited quantities available.
Published Price £19 DISCOUNTED PRICE £10 (+ p&p)

YAR 6 Excavations at Bowes and Lease Rigg Roman Forts by S S Frere and R L Fitts (2009), pp 284, 1 colour and 89 b&w illustrations
Published Price £12 DISCOUNTED PRICE £6 (+ p&p)


Rudston Roman Villa by I M Stead (1980), pp 179, 110 b&w illustrations

Payment for orders by post by cheque only to include UK postage and packing costs as follows:

£2.75 a volume or £7 for three volumes, £8.50 for four, £10 for all five

For overseas postage rates only please email

Cheques payable to ‘Roman Antiquities Section, YAS’

Orders and accompanying cheques should be sent to:

RAS, Rarey Farm, Weaverthorpe, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 8EY