University of Leicester
27–29 March 2015

Following on from the success of our session at RAC/TRAC last year, the RFG will be sponsoring a session this year at TRAC. The session is titled Interdisciplinary Approaches to Roman Artefacts (RFG session) and will be chaired by Ellen Swift, It will be on Saturday afternoon from 2 to 5.30pm (Session 2).


The Roman Finds Group has an eclectic base comprising field archaeologists, materials scientists, museum curators and educators, experimental archaeologists, academics, and many others. As such we would like to promote an interdisciplinary approach to Roman artefact studies, drawing on the diverse range of knowledge and expertise that exists in material-based studies. The contribution of anthropology is long-standing in the interpretation of archaeological artefacts, however, many other disciplines also have a material focus. This session particularly encourages theoretically-informed contributions that consider the material of Roman artefacts from a wider perspective, e.g. that of art and design, museum studies, materials science, craft experience, or experimental reconstruction.

Other sessions which may be of interest to RFG members include:

Charmed, I’m sure: Roman magic – old theory, new approaches

Adam Parker, York Museums Trust

Contextualising coins, assembling contexts and interrogating agency

Adrian Chadwick & Adam Rogers, University of Leicester & Eleanor Ghey, British Museum

Socks & sandals: historical fiction as archaeological technique?

Daan van Helden, University of Leicester & Rob Witcher, University of Durham

Integrating Environmental and Theoretical Roman Archaeology Sponsored by the Association for Environmental Archaeology

Lisa Lodwick, University of Oxford & James Morris, University of Central Lancashire

Details of the conference can be found at:

Members who don’t wish to attend the whole conference, but are interested in the RFG session can apply to attend only on Saturday.